Team Sun

Ben Friedman (Captain)

It would be easy to sit down against an opponent wearing a cowboy hat and a tank top and think you’ve got an easy round ahead of you, but if the man under the brim is Ben Friedman you’d be making a serious error of judgement. Ben’s colorful personality belies his highly competitive nature and talent at the game. Ben has been playing competitive Magic since he was a teenager, experiencing success both on the SCG Tour and the Pro Tour. He is a lover of blue decks, especially in Legacy, but is willing to play whatever he feels gives him the best chance at victory. Win, lose, or draw Ben always has a smile on his face and a joke at the ready, which makes him a favorite both during events and during after-hours festivities.

When he’s not playing Magic, Ben enjoys listening to country music, cracking jokes on Facebook, and working out at the gym. His ideal day sees him doing all three at once! Ben also has a fondness for travel and for people, which makes him well suited for life as a professional Magic player.

A student of the game, Ben often has very strong opinions and ideas.  He has become a voice in the community and does excellent job as the captain of MGG Sun. Ben’s ability to keep it light with his easygoing attitude combined with his talent and instincts at the tables make him a valuable asset to Team MGG.  Look for his articles on

Josh Cho

Josh took a remarkable 3rd place in his first ever Pro Tour in 2012 at Pro tour Avacyn restored.  Back then, he was an SCG grinder that had spiked a Starcitygames PTQ.  Now, he’s one of the most established pros in the game. Fun facts – Recently married and has a sick beard.  

Gerry Thompson

Where to start with Gerry?  Arguably the best Starcitygames player of all time, Pro Tour champion, and as it turns out, most likely wins the honor of nicest human to ever grace our game (see this reddit thread).  Gerry took second at US nationals in 2017 and has ran that back into a 2nd place finish at Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan.     

Oliver Tiu

The 2015-2016 Rookie of the year, Oliver might be the one player on the Pro Tour with the highest “untapped” potential.  He already has over 65k lifetime winnings since his debut in only 10 pro tours.  His 3rd place finish at Worlds in 2016 during PAX West Seattle indicates he already has the mental game to hang with players of Worlds caliber competition.

Matt Severa

Self-proclaimed old man Matt Severa started playing Magic in 1994 and has been a fixture of the Madison, WI MTG community ever since.  For most of his career Matt has been known as more of a limited player, but with his recent success at standard GPs, he’s looking to break out of that mold.  Although Matt typically prefers aggressive decks with some midrange flexibility, a short-term goal of his is to branch out to other archetypes to help broaden his range.

Matt spends his weekdays as a software developer in Madison.  When he’s not prepping for an event, he’s usually playing board games with the Mrs.  On weekends he travels to tournaments around the world.  Between rounds, Matt can often be found honing his Catch Phrase skills.  If you need to find him, just look for the guy holding the cup of coffee.

Ondřej Stráský

Ondrej burst into the pro scene at the age of 19 when he top 8’d two Pro Tours in one season which is a pretty rare feat. Ever since he’s been a staple on the pro circuit with his crowning achievements being 2 qualifications for the World Championship in a row. He has had a bit of a weaker season after that reaching only Gold level. For this season he is looking to represent Team MGG and with a bit of a luck reach the Platinum level again and reach his ultimate goal of qualifying for Worlds. Ideally he would also like to win a tournament or two while doing it. Ondrej is known for having purely spike view of the game, he loves to compete and enjoys playing tournament more than anything else. His favourite format is legacy and he prides himself on finishing in the top 8 of the last Legacy World Championship. Besides Magic he likes spending time playing other game titles such as League of Legends and Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. His biggest dream is becoming the president of Czech Republic one day!