Team Moon

Nathan Smith (Captain)

Nathan has been seen cashing at every team limited grand prix with his teammates Ayers and Rolph (both now MGG teammates).  Much of limited is preference, card evaluation, and practice.  Having people working this closely is exactly what you need for success at one of these PT’s.  MGG Moon has laid out all the recipes for success.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this team does way better than what most people are giving them credit for.  With Nathan’s above 100 career pro points and many competitive tournaments under his belt he’s another player to have on your radar (plus, I’ve been smashed by Pandabeast24 more times than I can count online, much respect).  Nathan takes the game very seriously and has earned the badge of captain for MGG Sun.  

Jacob Wilson

Jacob’s favorite formats are legacy and limited. Jacob’s favorite card is Hidetsugu’s Second Rite. A full-time pro for 3 years, Jacob now works full time and plays Magic at Pro Tours, team Grand Prix, and online. Jacob has competed in nearly every single premier event type: Pro Tour, World Championship, World Magic Cup, Magic Online Championship, SCG Invitational & Players Champs.

Brandon Ayers

Brandon Ayers is a name that you used to hear quite a bit on the SCG Tour.  He has recently made his way into the top 8 of a few grand prix, the most recent being a top 8 of Grand Prix New Jersey 2017 with the powerful Mardu Vehicles deck.   With his experience on Team Fire Squad last season and the latest support from Metagame Gurus, he looks to make the big jump to the top echelon of players this year.

John Rolf

It’s been a hell of a few months for John, both on and off the table.  The 28-year-old placed top 8 at Grand Prix Denver, Grand Prix Cleveland in 2017, and 4th place at Pro Tour Ixalan.  In addition to all of that he recently passed the bar.  If these results are any indication, John will be a mainstay on the PT scene for many years to come.

Mattia Rizzi

Your 2017 GP Copenhagen champion has been on a tear recently including a second place at Italian Nationals a few weeks ago.  Which means he’ll be representing the Italian national team at worlds AND he obviously has a grasp on both these limited and constructed format, much like Gerry.  From the looks of it, he’ll most likely be playing his Temur Energy deck he had success with at nationals, which is always an excellent choice.  As circulated on the Twittersphere recently, Temur Energy is the new Jund.  Jund em’ out Mattia!

Shahar Shenhar

Shahar is a professional Magic player from Jerusalem, Israel. A two-time world champion, Shahar has proven himself to be among the top class of Magic’s elite. With a rekindling of his competitive fire, Shahar won Grand Prix: Portland earlier this year and is hungry for his break through Pro Tour performance and his first Pro Tour top 8 finish.  Shahar Shenhar is a name to keep your eye on this PT season.