One of the most important aspects of and Team MGG is our partnerships with other like-minded businesses. Magic: the Gathering is more than just a game, it is a community! Just as we wish to support ourselves and grow playing Magic, we also wish to help other businesses expand themselves and their reach to Magic’s vast audience. Magic has been around for over twenty years, and is enjoyed by over 20 million players!

A partnership with Team MGG is much more than just a logo imprinted on a jersey. We strive to find the best avenues for each partner to help see their company grow, personalizing each partnership package to suit each individual companies needs. Aside from the camera time at SCGTour and Grand Prix events as well as association with top players and a premier Magic team, partners have access to advertising on both the website as well as all of our player’s personal streams. With over 30 hours of streaming time each week to a highly targeted audience of tens of thousands of Magic players, it is easy to see the value partnership can bring.

Legion Supplies was founded in 2009 to make products we, as fans, wanted to see in the marketplace. We focus on fun, cool designs and innovative quality products.

From sleeves and deckboxes, to binders and playmats, Legion has all of your gaming needs covered.

BCW Supplies has been a leader in hobby supplies since 1983 and is committed to providing it’s customers with the highest quality and most cost effective hobby supplies available. Based out of Anderson, Indiana, BCW Supplies is a full service manufacturer that features a wide variety of products for all of your collectable needs. If you have a collectable you want to keep looking collectable, BCW has the products you need.

Aside from dealing with comics, memorabilia, and coinage, BCW Supplies also has an impressive selection of gaming supplies as well. All the players on Team MGG store their cards in high quality BCW Z-Binder LX zipper binders, as well as use their phenomenal Deck Locker LX deck boxes. BCW Supplies also helps to run our popular Gunslinging events, where the team will visit a local game store the night before an SCG Tour stop and allow the locals to challenge them to games for fun and prizes. Our gunslinging events have been a wild success and would not have been possible without BCW Supplies!

Inked Gaming started in 2011 with one goal in mind: to give game players an easy and affordable way to customize the way they play. They started with custom playmats to be used for collectable card games, but have since expanded to a wide array of other custom gaming items. There’s no question that gamers love to add their own personal flare to their games, and Inked Gaming has made that dream an affordable reality. If you see a unique custom playmat at an event, you can bet that it was printed by Inked Gaming.

Inked Gaming supplies Team MGG with it’s custom playmats, as well as producing all of our custom gaming supplies for both sale and promotional giveaways. Inked Gaming has also been so kind as to make a pair of commemorative playmats for every gunslinging event we do, with one being given to the host store and one being given to a lucky participant. Check out our events page for more info!

When it comes to Magic Online, there is one bot chain that stands above the rest. has been serving the Magic Online community for over a decade, and is not only one of the largest secondary market stores on Magic Online but also the one with the hands-down best customer service. Rather than having to go bot by bot in the Magic Online software shopping for cards, lets you do all of your shopping on their easy to use website and then have the cards automatically delivered to you when you are ready.

Aside from being the easiest and best way to get your Magic Online cards, has also been a longtime positive force in the community. has run free prize support for Player Run Events for years, and also offers aid to many online streamers.’s excellent business practices coupled with their big-picture efforts to grow Magic as a whole make them one of the game’s most valuable companies and we are proud to work with them.