Do you want to improve your game?

Whether you've been playing Magic: the Gathering for one year or twenty, we all have goals we want to achieve. They are always different from player to player, as they can be anything from taking down the FNM shark at your local store, to going infinite on Magic Online, to qualifying for your first Pro Tour.

Like most competitive magic players you probably keep up on all the current decklists and articles every week, but you're probably not seeing the results you want. Magic players are notorious for ineffectively pouring hours and hours into the game but not improving. Reading articles, scouring decklists, playing endless playtest games with friends, and watching videos/streams is a great way to obtain knowledge, but how are you going to properly apply it? There’s a lot of information out there, but there is no substitute for personalized one on one coaching with a professional in the field to show you how to use it effectively.

We here at think this is an area where Magic has fallen behind. If you want to improve your golf game what do you do? Do you buy a golf magazine? Or spend a bunch of money on the newest clubs? If you're looking to waste your time and money, sure! However, if you're smart and truly desire to improve your game, you head to your local golf course and book a private lesson with the course pro.

There's no shortcut or "cheat codes" for being good at Magic. However, as someone who desires to improve their game you should view this as a blessing not a curse. If being good at Magic was easy, everyone would do it! But because it is so difficult, it ends up being very rewarding for the ones who have both the desire and means to be successful.

Here at, all you need to bring is the desire. Our coaches will be the means to bring your game to the next level.

How does it work? What does it cost?

The first step is to find the coach you want. Then just fill out the submission form. Once we receive the request for coaching, you will be contacted directly by that coach to schedule your session. Depending on your request, the Guru may require more information from you in order to better prepare for your session.

Coaching is done via one, two, or three hour skype/screenshare sessions by playing on Magic Online. If you already have the deck you would like to work with we play on your account, otherwise just let your coach know your deck ahead of time and we will prepare the cards on our account.

Our pricing is straightforward: $40 for a 1 hour, $70 for 2 hours, $100 for 3 hours. You pay at the time of service.

Who will coach you?

All members of Team MGG are available for coaching. Their skill-sets are different, and you can select the perfect coach that suits your individual needs. Head over to our team lineup to learn more about the coaches.