SCG Season One Invitational

By Frank Skarren | July 6, 2017 | 0 Comments

  This weekend marked the end of Season One for StarCityGames which meant it was time for the MGG boys to head down to Roanoke, Virginia to play in one of the most illustrious tournaments around- The Invitational! With so much on the line in terms of cash, a pro tour invite, and of course …

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SCG Charlotte Open

By Andrew Jessup | June 14, 2017 | Comments Off on SCG Charlotte Open

  To the members of Team MGG, Magic is a profession. We hold ourselves to incredibly high standards and we work diligently in order to meet those standards. It’s not rare for me to put in over 30 hours of practice the week leading up to an event. But while this approach is often effective, …

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SCG Baltimore Open

By Ben Friedman | June 2, 2017 | Comments Off on SCG Baltimore Open

  Turns out, most folks just don’t respect the power of the undead, and hopefully I taught some of them the error of their ways this past weekend in Baltimore. The hometown SCG started with a flight for yours truly from Atlanta, where I’d spent the previous week hanging out with fellow Magic players Zan …

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We're Back

Team MGG had a terrific launch in 2016, with both successful results at the tables as well as successful business deals Behind the Scenes. We had 12 SCGTour top 8s, with 3 wins, as well as putting 3 of our 4 members in the 16 player Player's Championship. We also fielded successful partnerships with three excellent companies: Inked Gaming, BCW Supplies, and Perhaps more important than all that though is the changes we've seen in the game since our inception as the first Magic eSports team: Wizards of the Coast put all of the players at the 2016 World Championships in jerseys and are now sponsoring a team series on the Pro Tour.


However, we at Team MGG are never ones to stand pat.


For 2017 we are proud to unveil our new six player lineup for the year, with returning faces as well as some new ones. We will be ramping up everything about the team in 2017, with new jerseys, a new logo, streaming, more events, and most important of all - coaching services right here on Magic: the Gathering is the greatest game in the world, and we at Team MGG are doing everything in our power to make sure it gets the attention it deserves as an eSport!